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J.J. Collette Natural Area, Lacombe, Alberta

Our daily walk with Rusty and Rocky took us to the nearby natural area, J.J. Collett's.
Collett's is a wildflower lover's delight, even with abundant mosquitoes and thick smoke from a BC forest fire -- two mountain ranges and hundreds of kilometers away.

Wildflowers such as the popular provincial flower: the Alberta Wild Rose; several native flowers: Subalpine Daisies, Blanket Flowers, Bluebells, New England Asters, and Goldenrod; Wild Raspberries and Rose Hips; a Fritillary, probably a Northwestern. Common Tansies, a Spotted Knapweed, and Purple Loosestrife, non-native plants, also add color to the forest in their favorite spots.

The Aspen groves and grasslands are relatively wild even though the area was plowed and planted several years ago. As the interpretive sign noted, it will take the site years to return to its original state. Does it matter? Why?

The smoke continued to thicken, and is predicted to last three more days. Let's wish the firefighters good luck in containing the fire, and a safe return home.

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