Yearn to Wander


Canoeing the Boundary Waters

A Week in the North Woods of Minnesota
After almost non-stop touring, we decided a week in one spot would suit us just fine. Luckily we were near Ely, Minnesota, the front door to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, which straddles the US-Canadian border, and only allows canoes with no motors. One purist even told me paper maps were frowned upon, until I asked if he had a GPS.

We spent the week in a little resort on Farm Lake. A canoe and paddle were there for our use, and we could paddle across Farm Lake to South Farm Lake inside the BWCAW. Sometimes the wind was a challenge, but it was good for both of us. We enjoyed the peace of being oon the water, and so did a lot of ducks which were raising their Spring broods. One Merganser had eighteen ducklings -- yikes!

We met several nice people at the resort. Most were from Minnesota, but Kansas and Illinois were probably the second best represented states. The week was a chance to scout out Ely, a destination we'd talked about for years. It's a small tourist town loaded with outfitters renting canoes and provisions for extended trips into the wilderness.

After a week, we headed West, where we'd thought we would head all along.
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